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Each episode will centre on a particular crime or cover a more broad ranging subject about criminality in general. Subjects covers will include serial killers, cults, psychopathy and much more. 

We are the new kids on the block when it comes to true crime podcasts, and we did not want to be just another podcast chronologically telling the story of a crime, whilst commenting on it. 

We are true crime podcast fans, and we presume you are too! So you may be already familiar with the subjects we cover from the many other podcasts out there. Podcasts who have done it already, and done it better than we could hope to. Because of this, in each episode of Echo On, we will instead discuss a few points about each case which interests us - and will provide links in the episode description where you can learn more about each case should you not be familiar (links to other podcasts, further reading, and other relevant sources)

By doing this, we hope that our podcast will not be in competition with any other podcasts, and instead be an entertaining companion to their shows about the same subjects.


About Your Hosts


Chris and Beer

AGE: 35
SEX: Male
NATIONALITY: Citizen of the World  

When not listening to podcasts about wrestling or Crystal Palace FC, Chris plays guitars and bass in various bands you will not have heard of. He also travels the earth, getting fully absorbed into any culture he happens upon - Then takes pictures of their local beer. (He won't travel to anywhere if they don't have beer.)

P.S. Beer.





AGE: 43
SEX: Male
OCCUPATION: Evangelical Preacher

See his last sermon here.

After he sacrificed himself to the Old Gods, Christian got a lot less fat, trimmed his beard, became English, and worked as a graphic designer. In his spare time he is a freelance scriptwriter, and has developed scripts for Famous Monsters, Heavy Metal, Stan Lee, Clive Barker, Sky One, as well as writing for film, stage, mobile games and radio. Now he lives by the sea with his girlfriend, Vicky, and their dog, Echo.




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